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If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t pay the condition of your septic tank any mind until there’s an issue at hand. However, much like with other home systems, it’s always best to keep your septic system running effectively and efficiently by having it serviced regularly.

Storing and treating wastewater, your septic tank is an integral home system that you cannot afford to experience issues with. Should you experience plumbing troubles, our septic tank specialists in Westchester & Putnam County, NY, will return the cleanliness and comfort of your home. When you turn to the skilled professionals at East Coast Septic, you can count on us for comprehensive septic system help.

You rely on your septic tank 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If something goes wrong with your home septic system, it demands attention—you can’t ignore the issue and expect your system to work properly. With over three decades of experience to our name, you can count on our team to perform expert repairs and restorations. Whether you’ve got a backed up tank or your system is leaking at various points, we’re prepared to mitigate and clean any overflow, pump your system, and remove waste and wastewater from your property. 

Let our 30 years of experience flush all your septic troubles away. Call us for free estimates.

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Look no further than our specialists if you need immediate, high-quality septic system help. At our family-owned-and-operated business, we’ve proudly served local clients for more than 30 years. Starting with only a few machines, we have grown into a large-scale company licensed to perform a wide variety of septic services in Westchester and Putnam Counties. Through the leadership of our hands-on owners, who are always present on job sites, we continue to serve our clients well by maintaining the comfort and cleanliness of their spaces. A proud member of the National Utility Contractors Association, you can count on our septic tank specialists for the comprehensive repairs and restorations you deserve. We also hold an Eljen Septic Systems Installation certification. 

Restoring Your System to Full Functionality 

At our plumbing company, we understand that having a fully functional septic system is crucial if you wish to keep your home clean and safe. A malfunctioning septic system can create plumbing blockages, which in turn, can damage your pipes, flood your drain field, and potentially bring hazardous sewage into your home. If you haven’t had your system serviced in quite some time, you’re due for a visit from our septic tank specialists.

Using state-of-the-art cleaning and restoration equipment, our trained specialists will clear buildup from your tank and keep your system working properly. Sewage entering the home can damage your walls, flooring, and furnishings, while also spreading toxic contaminants such as bacteria, mold, and disease. The sooner you call us to assess your situation and develop a plan of action, the sooner we can return things around your space to normal.

Septic Tank Work You Can Count On 

Keeping your septic tank in proper working condition is a vital part of maintaining the health of your home septic system. However, even systems that are well taken care of experience issues from time to time. When disaster strikes, you need the aid of skilled technicians who are capable of performing comprehensive restorations when you need them most.  

When you request our septic tank specialists, we’ll work quickly to contain the mess and prevent sewage odor and bacteria from spreading throughout the rest of your property. Trust our team to provide you with top-notch workmanship and exceptional service will return the flow of your day to normal. 

Contact us to restore the comfort and safety of your home with comprehensive septic service.
Located Millwood, New York, we proudly serve homeowners throughout Westchester and Putnam Counties.

East Coast Septic is a proud member of the National Utility Contractors Association. We hold an Eljen Septic Systems Installation certification. Our company is also screened by HomeAdvisor™, Yelp, and Angie's List.


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